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Cultural Exchange Projects

“Next Steps” Bailar al Sol 2020

The first leg of the journey will bring the five dancers from Puerto Rico to Montclair to attend classes with the faculty and dancers from MSU and live a typical week in the life of a college dance major. Additionally, the ten dancers will be paired up to create five original duets to perform for the Gala in Puerto Rico. The ten students will then travel to Puerto Rico to prepare for performing in the "Next Steps" Gala. We look forward to the dancers from Montclair finding inspiration in the beauty of Puerto Rico's rich culture, and contributing their talents to healing through the arts in a community that experienced great loss. Andrea Kramer, Ballet Mistress and owner of Ballet Forte NJ in partnership with Coqui Charities, successfully piloted a similar program last year titled "United We Dance," creating a riveting cross-cultural experience for young dancers. Bailar al Sol Puerto Rico promotes and encourages the art of dance in Puerto Rico and creates a safe environment for young dancers to learn, thrive and grow. Likewise, the program offers dance students in New Jersey a very special way to contribute their time and talents to young dancers of Puerto Rico. The dancers from Puerto Rico participating this year are:
  • Kayra Cosme
  • Colón Adrianna
  • Cruz Alexis Cruz
  • Laura Velez
  • Roberto Acosta Vélez
Dancers from New Jersey include:
  • Khalid Dunton
  • Lorna Fontana
  • Sarah Kramer
  • Na'imah Ray
  • Madalyn Rupprecht
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Cultural Exchange: Bailar al Sol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7-14BAcs24&feature=youtu.be This collaboration, “Bailar al Sol” – dancing into the sun – will unite young dancers from New Jersey and Puerto Rico in a dance exchange program, culminating with a gala performance in February 2019. Andrea Kramer, Ballet Mistress and owner of Ballet Forte, and Waldo Gonzales, owner of Waldo Gonzales Performing Arts School, will be joining to create a cross-cultural experience for young dancers. By forming a partnership to build a strong foundation, Bailor al Sol will promote and encourage the Arts in Puerto Rico. Our goal is to raise funding for scholarship programs, create an affordable environment for young dancers and artists to learn, thrive and grow. We believe that the cultural life of Puerto Rico should be based on collaboration of all parts of a community: private citizens, businesses, municipal government, schools and other organizations. Through creative partnerships, Ballet Forte in collaboration with Coqui Charities seeks to integrate the arts into all aspects of the Puerto Rican community and create an open and affirming atmosphere for creativity. By making a contribution to this project, it gives you an opportunity to show your commitment and support to the Arts community and people of Puerto Rico. The gala evening performance will be comprised of dance, music, and art.  
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